Thursday, December 29, 2011

AIJBot Poetry (2nd, and hopefully only, revision)

Okay, this is a very brief update but I edited and resubmitted the contents of the book to fix some very minor issues that really don't affect the book overall but they were tiny things that were pointed out to me after the fact (and over 500 copies were already sold)

The basics of what was changed:

* There were some double spaces after the period on the back cover
* The spelling of "Wonderous" on the back cover was changed to "Wondrous" based on feedback, even though I believe technically both are correct. (one is slightly antiquated)
* I shifted the margins so the left hand pages are more to the left and vice versa for the right hand pages (i.e. I moved them further from the inner crease). Nothing was cut off originally, but I think it looks nicer with the extra space
* As a result, I had to shift some image borders and margins to fit within the new page margins (though in theory I shouldn't have had to when everything on the page shifted)
* Adjusted a transparency issue in one part where the text overlaps an image (the monks on the starfield). It was fine before but I lightened it even more for a slightly better contrast
* "Pedantantly" isn't a word. "Pedantically" is. I regenerated that poem continuously until that same sentence came up with the proper adjective form just to confirm AIJBot could actually generate it. (The dictionary data used as part of the source data included common errors and theoretical conjugations based on multi-language dictionaries and general rules for translation and conversion of concepts and ideas)
* I fixed up the intro to add the proper subtitle "A Collection of Computer-Generated Poetry". The working title "I Doesn't Afraid of Anything" was the 1st section's subheader but it was falsely listed originally as the subtitle of the book and it cause a few issues over at Amazon with advertising and the product page.

The updated content has been submitted, reviewed, and is available on createspace currently. Amazon will be up to date in a few days at most if it isn't already.

So now that I am more or less happy with the final "final" version of it, I can get back to the sequel (unless I pursue this Children's book idea more closely, even if only as a sick joke that turns into a complete work somehow)

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