Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Update For Counting Combos (Book)!

Well, I went and updated the content and ironed out some of the old content. The series is still going on so I'm still wondering how many times I'll do this but in the meantime, here are the overall changes for those that are familiar with the first release:

Supplementary Information to old Content :

  • In the 2000 section I added a brief mention that the release of so many mixes in the past year both for the main series and offshoots (as well as home versions) caused an over-saturation and partial alienation of the player base.
  • In the 2001 section, I mentioned it was the last year for mass release of the various home and handheld editions of DDR, though this was primarily for the offshoots of the main series; official home versions of the DDR arcade mixes continued on for years.
  • In the 2003-2005 section regarding bar usage, I added a quote from one of the musical artists associated with Konami (TAG). He mentioned that Konami had always kept bar use in mind when creating the harder stepcharts, and he specifically referenced the song "Healing Vision Angelic Mix" which premiered in the home version of DDR 5th and in DDR Max arcade back in 2001.
  • In the same section I added a bit on the introduction of SuperNova and how in the East it wasn't necessarily seen as a knee-jerk reaction to ITG since the system was all new hardware, they were looking into anti-piracy measures since the older mixes (System 573) were so widely bootlegged and the eAmuse network was being developed at that time.
  • Fixed the romanization of the song "Mikeneko Rock"
  • Added a bit more information on tournaments from the DDRX era, including rough numbers of participants and the spectators that would go only to watch others
  • Various alignment and font size/position problems with the embedded image areas
  • Swapped image of DDR Megamix to a screen grab of the warning screen instead of a photo of the game showing the warning screen
  • Slight rewording in the additional chapter related to DDR and ITG timing windows. DDR timing is still polled and timed in ms, but the judgment is made relative to what frame the polled step lies within. I could expand on this even further but I figured for the casual reader this information might be getting too technical, and there are still unknowns related to the exact timing system of DDR

New Content :

  • Various new photos in the older sections (mostly for the more recent years)
  • A new 2012~ section that contains bits of information related to the era from when DDR X3 draws to a close and DDR 2013 begins
  • In reference to the above, the new cabinet and the initial launch problems both with hardware and software that made some players take a break from the series while things were patched up
  • Mention of Dance Evolution AC and its position as Konami's new "real" dance game
  • Mention of player skill gaps in recent years (originally there was some mention of it in the 2003-2005 chapter but that has changed in the modern age)
  • Mention of players that play Double mode (8 panels) and how they tend to fall through the cracks of Konami official tournaments and events since they primarily focus on single mode play.

Other Additions :

  • The new edition will be released in B&W and in Color.
  • Color printing costs are pretty high and I was quoted as high as $28 for a color edition though I may be able to get a version myself for abour $18
  • The book is currently 230 pages, up slightly from the original release.
Things I did not add :
  • I wanted to mention the breakup of the band BeForU or Naoki's departure from Konami. Although this would have been definitely worth mentioning if it caused a mass influx or outflux of players to the series or extreme opinions and attitudes towards the affected parties, at the end of the day it really didn't affect the player base all that much
  • The only worthy point of note was Naoki mentioning at the KAC 2011 that he was stuck at work and couldn't attend the DDR event but that he saw it all later on Nico Douga (as opposed to Konami's official channel; also, a non-authorized copy on Nico Douga to boot). He had to say "that was a joke" when met with awkward silence, but he had been hinting up until then he wasn't happy at Konami for whatever reason and his later departure wasn't that much of a surprise.
  • I did mention names of somewhat key players in the scene if they resonated with the player base in any way, but I didn't name drop too many players because most of them just didn't have any real impact on the overall scene. This includes overseas players.


  1. Thanks for the updates aaron its people like you that will keep interest and history in this game alive. I feel the game took a downturn after extreme and exploded when itg2 came onto the scene

  2. I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. To add to the start of DDR 2013, mention something about the character roster being reduced.
    2. In every new game since DDR SuperNOVA2, you should add the fact that there's always 5 songs (in the case of DDR SN2 and X, 6) with 200 in one of the Groove Radar values.

    In SN2 and X:
    Stream - PARANOIA Survivor MAX (Double Challenge), Fascination MAXX (Single Challenge)
    Voltage - PARANOiA ~HADES~ (Challenge)
    Air - DYNAMITE RAVE ("AIR" Special) (Challenge)
    Freeze - D2R ("FREEZE" Special) (Challenge)
    Chaos - CHAOS (Challenge)

    In X2:
    Stream - 888 (Challenge)
    Voltage - POSSESSION (Expert/Challenge)
    Air - DYNAMITE RAVE ("AIR" Special) (Challenge)
    Freeze - D2R ("FREEZE" Special) (Challenge)
    Chaos - CHAOS (Challenge)

    In X3:
    Stream - 888 (Challenge)
    Voltage - London EVOLVED ver.A (Single Expert/Single Challenge/Double Challenge)
    Air - TWINKLE♡HEART (Challenge)
    Freeze - D2R ("FREEZE" Special) (Challenge)
    Chaos - CHAOS (Challenge)

    In DDR 2013:
    Stream - 888 (Challenge)
    Voltage - No song currently has 200 Voltage.
    Air - No song currently has 200 Air.
    Freeze - D2R ("FREEZE" Special) (Challenge)
    Chaos - CHAOS (Challenge)