Friday, May 27, 2011

After many revisions and updates, I think I am finally happy (mostly) with the content so it is now in print over on

I can only release this book at cost legally due to copyright issues and such (educational purposes only, not to be used for a profit, etc. according to US Fair Use laws).

However, I will also make all the PDFs available too in case you wish to print it off yourself at Kinko's or wherever. Note that the print edition uses B&W (greyscale) prints inside to keep the cost down (the cover is in full color). A full color book through them of this size is over $20 US. If there is demand, I can make one available, however.

Book Cover (front/back - color)

Inside 184 pages (Black and White)

Inside 184 pages (Color)

Original A4 sized book contents:

Yes, there may still be a few slight errors in this, but I can always revise the contents on lulu should I need to/make another revision. I'm just happy to finally get it out there.

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